Partnering with APT, Inc. to be
your field representative allows
you to:

  • keep hiring costs in check
  • focus your staff on internal needs
  • address building your business
  • provide the highest QA possible
  • on-call 24/7
  • build customer loyalty through improved performance

Build Loyalty

We can help you build customer loyalty by being there when you can’t. APT application experts are trained, experienced, and ready to learn the specifics and nuances of your equipment product line. Let us serve as your field representatives. The depth of experience and skill we provide will assure long-term customer satisfaction.


APT has been selected to be the field representative for equipment manufacturers and suppliers of application equipment throughout the United States. Interested?

APT can partner with you as your outside tech service support firm and work on your equipment to service existing customers. This approach allows you to broaden your service levels without increased hiring costs.

Once we are contracted, APT will agree to and fund the necessary training needed to be certified as experts in the start up, qualification, repair, or assessment of your application equipment. We will function as if we are your internal service firm. Contact us to let us know how we may help you build this cost-saving program.


Our expertise includes being trained on most of the industry’s
leading manufacturers, like

Trine roll-fed labelers are an industry standard, labeling the worlds most popular beverage, food and consumer products.

Valve line for the food and beverage industry

Nearly 50 years ago, Label-Aire introduced a revolutionary new method for applying pressure-sensitive labels using labeling systems technology.

Marathon is a series of compact, linear roll-fed labelers that feature SMARTdrive®,the labeling industry’s first high performance all-electronic drive train.